Import an HTML Table into Excel

In this article, I will show you how to import an HTML table into Excel. This will work for any data from a local HTML file or online URL that is stored in a table. I will import the HTML table in a way that the data can be updated if it changes, which is particularly valuable for online data. This will be done using a Get & Transform Query. As such, this method is only compatible with the Windows version of Microsoft Excel.

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BeautifulSoup 4 Python Web Scraping to CSV Excel File

In this tutorial we do some web scraping with Python and Beautiful Soup 4. The results are then saved to a CSV file which can be opened and analyzed in Microsoft Excel or another spreadsheet program. I show you how to select elements from the page, deal with 403 Forbidden errors by faking your user agent, and overcome cases where the website is poorly laid out for web scraping. The example used here is SocialBlade.

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CSS display: inline-block Explained by Creating a Grid

In this tutorial, we are going to create a basic CSS Grid layout using display: inline-block. inline-block is a great tool to use when you need items to display next to each other with good browser support. While inline block elements layout similar to inline (text) elements, they respect padding and margins like a block element.

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