Excel 365 Save or Open an ODC File

In this article, I will show you how to open an ODC file in Excel, or create one if you need to.

What is an ODC (Office Data Connection) File?

An ODC file contains the information related to an external data query created with Power Query (also known as Get & Transform) in Excel. The ODC file can be used separately from the workbook file to share the query without sharing the rest of the data in a workbook. This way, queries can be shared across different workbooks where you may want to use the query. For instance, you may have a query to get the latest bitcoin prices. By creating (or using) an ODC file, you can set this query up once and use it in one workbook to make price forecasts and another to monitor the value of your personal portfolio.

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Using Canadian Postal Codes to Create a Map in Excel

If you have a list of postal codes and would like to those postal codes to create a map in Excel, you may be disappointed. If the program succeeds at giving you anything at all without the dreaded “Map charts need geographical data such as country/region, state/province, county or postal code.” message, you probably won’t be happy with the output. The message even suggests using postal codes, so why is it so hard to use them? I can’t say, but there is a data adjustment you can make for more satisfactory results.

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