How To Import FLV Files into Adobe Premiere CC

If you’ve ever tried to use an FLV file, perhaps a screen recording from OBS, in Premiere, you may have come across and annoying dialog box letting you know that the file format is not supported. Fear not, it’s simple to get the footage converted and working in Adobe Premiere.

Step 1: Download VLC

Adobe recommends using their own Media Encoder product to deal with the issue, but I found Media Encoder also had difficulty dealing with the file in question. Never fear, I was able to use VLC to convert the file. VLC can be downloaded at

Step 2: Convert the File in VLC

In order to convert the file using VLC, open VLC (no need to open any files) and go to Media > Convert / Save… (Ctrl+R).

convert/save menu

Next, go ahead and select the file using the Add… button and then press Convert/Save

You can convert it to an MP4 as these work well with Adobe Premiere. If you are having troubles with poor quality or no audio, you can always try converting to another format and seeing if it resolves the issue.

Once you click Start, VLC will begin converting the video. The conversion interface is a bit odd, it uses the seek bar in VLC as a progress bar. Once the bar finishes, the video is done converted but VLC just sits there with –:– on both sides of the seek bar. Don’t worry, your file is done.

Step 3: Import the File in Premiere Like Any Other!

Once it’s done converting, you can just import the converted MP4 into Premiere as you would any other file. Thanks for reading!