How to Migrate Your Logins from LastPass to Firefox Lockwise

With LastPass limiting their free tier to one device type only on March 16th 2020, I decided it was time for a new password manager. As an avid Firefox user for the past few years, I figured it was natural to migrate over to the Firefox Lockwise solution. With a mobile app that I could browse my logins, the in-browser solution could do everything I was personally using LastPass for. Finding information on how exactly to make the move proved a tad difficult, so I am putting out this article to describe how to migrate your logins and passwords from LastPass to Firefox Lockwise step-by-step!

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Firefox Extension Development: Context Menu

In this article, I will show you how to create a Firefox extension that adds a custom action to the context menu (right-click menu). Our extension will allow the user to open a link in a new muted tab. The context menu option will appear anytime a user right-clicks on a link.

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Firefox Extension Development: Storage and Browser Button

In this article I am going to expand on our knowledge of Firefox Extension Development from last article. In that article we looked at content scripts and web requests. If you are new to Firefox Extension Development, I recommend starting there. In this article we will look at using the storage API and adding a browser button with a popup. Our extension will track what domains the user visits and the amount of time they visit them for. Then, it will expose that information in the browser button interface.

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Firefox Extension Development: Content Script and HTTP Request

I recently got into Firefox extension development with the WebExtension API. In this tutorial, I will create an example extension that uses a single content script and an XMLHTTPRequest to add duckduckgo result rankings into Google search results. If the result in question appears in duckduckgo results for the same query, an orange box with the position will be placed next to the result. Not insanely useful, but a realistic example to get your feet wet with Firefox extension development.

Screenshot of extension in use, showing Google search results.
Example of extension working. We can see the top result on Google is also the top result on duckduckgo.
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