How to Migrate Your Logins from LastPass to Firefox Lockwise

With LastPass limiting their free tier to one device type only on March 16th 2020, I decided it was time for a new password manager. As an avid Firefox user for the past few years, I figured it was natural to migrate over to the Firefox Lockwise solution. With a mobile app that I could browse my logins, the in-browser solution could do everything I was personally using LastPass for. Finding information on how exactly to make the move proved a tad difficult, so I am putting out this article to describe how to migrate your logins and passwords from LastPass to Firefox Lockwise step-by-step!

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Firefox Extension Development: Context Menu

In this article, I will show you how to create a Firefox extension that adds a custom action to the context menu (right-click menu). Our extension will allow the user to open a link in a new muted tab. The context menu option will appear anytime a user right-clicks on a link.

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