Add a GitHub SSH Key on Windows

Adding an SSH key to GitHub is a great way to authenticate yourself without having to type in your password every time you push. With Git Bash and the following commands, you can be setup in no time.


Step 1: Generate Your SSH Key

Make sure Git Bash is open. To generate an SSH key use the following command. Be sure to replace the fake email with your real email address.

$ ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 -C ""

Step 2: Use the Key

Now that the key is generated, we need to put it to use. Start by starting the ssh agent.

$ eval $(ssh-agent -s)

Then add the key we just generated. If you selected a different path than the default, be sure to replace that path in the command.

$ ssh-add ~/.ssh/id_rsa

Step 3: Add the SSH Key on GitHub

Now that we have the ssh key setup on our computer, we need to set it up on the GitHub website. First, we will use a command to copy it to our clipboard and then paste it on to GitHub.

$ clip < ~/.ssh/

Next, go ahead and open GitHub in your web browser. Navigate to Settings (under your picture), then click SSH and GPG Keys. Click New SSH Key and give it a title. Then paste your key into the Key box. If it wasn’t copied properly, go back and open the file and then copy it or try the command again.

adding an ssh key on github
Adding a GitHub SSH Key

At this point, the key should be added and you should be good to go! Thanks for reading!