Excel Email Validation with Data Validation Tools

If you have a list of email addresses in Excel that you need to validate follow proper format, or would like to prevent other Excel users from entering invalid addresses in a column, use Data Validation. By using a custom formula as the validation criteria, email address validation can be done. To get started, with the cells you need validated selected go to Data > Data Validation.

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How To Use Excel Data Types and When You Might Not Want To

Microsoft recently introduced a feature called “Data Types” into Excel 365. Unlike the regular Excel data types like Dates, Numbers, and Text, this feature relies on the internet to bring external data points into your Excel sheets. They call them linked data types. The implementation is a lot easier to use than creating a query or using VBA to bring data to Excel, but it’s pretty limited in its current form and probably wouldn’t be very valuable to most users. Right now, it’s limited to Stock and Geography data.

Converting a set of stock tickers to the Stocks data type.
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